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cessna GA ready course pilot training adelaide

GA Ready Course

For the past 15 years Command Flight Training has been preparing and sending fresh CPL pilots up north to gain their first job in the commercial general aviation (GA) industry.


We've been running big six-seater familiarisation GA Ready courses on demand using various different models of the Piper Lance/Saratoga, retractable familiarisation using the Arrow and (when available) the Cessna Stationair and Centurion family. 


Utilised for their high useful load, robustness and speed, these aircraft are the workhorse of the Australian GA charter world.

This course gets you ready to go North and get a job.

You can combine GA-ready with a Multi Engine rating at the same time for a discounted rate of $11,990.


Something to keep in mind, this is a minimum figure. If you do your study, you should get through in minimum time! Since this training is competency-based, you may need extra hours, but we will try and get you through in minimum time.

Our Course Includes

- 5hrs flight training in a Piper Lance or Arrow

- 2 x 1-hour pre flight briefings

- Briefing on six-seater single aircraft systems i.e MPPC & retractable

- Letter of recommendation signed by our Chief Pilot (provided you meet the standard)

- CV/Resume character reference

Flight training includes:

- General handling and emergencies

- Emergency gear extension
- Circuits (normal, flapless, glide, EFATO)

- Navigation and descent planning (Class G, D, C)
- Effective approach briefs

- Engine management (particularly important in hot climates)

- Leaning (LOP/ROP operations)
- General plane/passenger and cargo loading management

We maintain strong relationships with various GA operators. We've had dozens of pilots go on to operators and successfully found work thanks to our training and recommendation. Those operators include:

- Wrightsair
- Chinta Air

- Arkaroola
- Lincoln Air Charter

cessna GA ready course pilot training adelaide
cessna GA ready course pilot training adelaide

We can also run courses in our
Piper Lance and Beechcraft Baron

cessna GA ready course pilot training adelaide

The venerable Cessna 210, seen here in Wrightsair colours

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