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MECR australia flight training Adelaide
Multi Engine Class Rating

This rating is required for pilots wishing take their flying to the next level, twin-engine aircraft.


Adding another engine brings noticeable performance and safety benefits, but also additional considerations in flight planning and aircraft handling (on the ground and in the air), in normal and abnormal situations.


Command Flight Training offers comprehensive training to pilots wishing to move into this challenging yet rewarding class of light aircraft. We genuinely find students usually achieve this rating in 8-9 hours.

The Training Syllabus Includes:

  • Procedures

  • General Handling

  • Advanced Handling

  • Circuits

  • Introduction to Asymmetric Flight

  • Critical and Safety Speeds

  • Asymmetric Performance

  • Basic Instrument Flying

Requirements For Issue Of A Multi Engine Class Rating:

  • Minimum 8 Hours Multi Engine Dual

  • Pass The Multi Engine Class Rating Flight test

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