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PPL private pilot license adelaide learn to fly



Private pilot license adelaide flying school


What can you do with a PPL?:

Holding a Private Pilot Licence is the definition of freedom. Gaining your PPL with Command Flight Training will open-up a world of almost boundless opportunities for new experiences, personal growth, and exciting travel.


Your PPL will allow you to fly any aircraft you are endorsed to fly with friends and family – anywhere in Australia during daylight hours, in fair conditions. Our pilots all graduate with a single engine aircraft class rating included as part of their training. This entitles you to fly a single engine aircraft with fixed undercarriage and a fixed pitch propeller (typically a 4-6 seater). Endorsements can easily be added to your licence in the future to fly larger aircraft!

How does our training schedule work?

While CASA stipulates the PPL requirement of a minimum of 40hrs training, we find most students are realistically able to complete their licence to a safe standard in 50-55hrs. While training, you can fly up to 3 hours a day with an instructor if you really want to knock it over quickly!

The PPL consists of:
- 30hrs 1hr lessons (same flying as the RPL) 
- 20-25hrs navigation flights (2-3 hours each)


If you've already got an RPL licence, the PPL upgrade will only consist of the 20-25hrs of navigation training.

We also run an assisted home-study course to help you pass the PPL theory exam. We'll tailor a training schedule to meet your needs. You'll just call up and book on your days off as it suits you and complete the training at your own pace! We have instructors available over a 7-day roster.


Approximate duration of the licence training is 35 days (2 hours training per day including an extra week to study/sit exam).


If, like a lot of our students, you completed 2hrs flying per week, you could expect to have your PPL licence in ~8 months.

PPL private pilots license adelaide


(You do not need an RPL licence, you can train straight for the PPL)

  • Be at least 17 years of age (training may commence prior to the 17th birthday)

  • Complete the relevant flight training

  • Pass the PPL theory examination (done ‘in-house’)

  • Pass the PPL practical flight test

  • Minimum of 40 hours total aeronautical experience (35 of which must be in an aircraft)

  • Minimum of 10 hours as Pilot In Command (solo), 5 of which must be cross country

  • Minimum 2 hours of dual training under instrument conditions

  • Hold a CASA Class 1 or 2 Medical Certificate (including Basic Class 2)

PPL Pricing Breakdown

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