Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)

What can you do with an RPL?:
Gaining your RPL with Command Flight Training will allow you to fly with your friends and family in good weather conditions around the local area (within 25 nautical miles).

The Recreational Pilot Licence is also the first step on the path to gaining a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) or Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL). The training is sequential so all hours completed toward your RPL also count toward the PPL and CPL!

Pilots who currently hold a Recreational Aviation – Australia (RA-Aus) Pilot Certificate are able to use their prior skills and knowledge in a conversion course across to the CASA-issued RPL. 

How does our training schedule work?

The RPL requires a minimum of 25hrs training, we find most students are able to complete their licence in approximately 30hrs. We split the lessons into 30x 1 hour flights and you can fly up to 3 hours per day.

We also run an assisted home-study course to help you pass the RPL theory exam. We'll tailor a training schedule to meet your needs. You'll just call up and book on your days off as it suits you and complete the training at your own pace! 


Approximate duration of the licence training is 20 days (2 hours training per day + some extra days to study/sit exam)



  • Be at least 16 years of age (training may commence prior to the 16th birthday)

  • Complete the relevant flight training

  • Undertake a general English language competency assessment (done ‘in-house’)

  • Pass the RPL theory examination (done ‘in-house’)

  • Pass the RPL practical flight test

  • Minimum of 25 hours total flying time

  • Minimum of 5 hours as Pilot In Command (solo)

  • Hold a CASA Class 1 or 2 Medical Certificate (including CASA Basic Class 2)


Adding to your RPL Licence:

For pilots who wish to venture further afield, we offer comprehensive theoretical and practical training for the following additional endorsements:

  • Cross-Country Navigation Endorsement - fly anywhere in Australia!

  • Controlled Aerodrome / Controlled Airspace (CTA) - fly into the major airports like Adelaide, Parafield and Essendon!