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Who can be a Pilot?


Anyone who can pass a medical can learn to fly! Learning to fly is easier than most imagine but it does require dedication and time to learn the many aspects involved such as Aerodynamics, Weather, Rules of the Air, Navigation and How to Fly the Plane! The great news is that anyone can learn to fly, its up to YOU to make it happen! You'll pay for the training but you'll earn the licence!

Do you flight train at other locations?

Yes! We currently flight train on Kangaroo Island and can also train out of Aldinga and Parafield Airport. We can also organise remote flight training programs for station workers if required as our instructors are happy to .


What are the requirements to start Flight Training?


You must be at least 14 years old and able to speak written and spoken English.


How do I start?

Give us a call or purchase a gift voucher and we can book in your 30 minute Trial Instructional Flight (TIF). This is a great way to get a taste of what General Aviation has to offer. TIFs are available 7 days a week and cost $199.

How what days do you train?

We have enough instructors to cover training over a 7 day roster and we train nearly every day of the year. This means you can book in and complete your training as often as it suits you.



What is the difference between your school's GA (General Aviation) training and that offered by RAAus (Recreational Aviation Australia)?

The primary difference between General Aviation training and RAAus training is that we run a fleet of Cessna, Piper and Beechcraft aircraft that are fully certified and maintained to CASA's strict maintenance standards. This results in an extremely high level of safety and an overall professional and more comfortable experience for GA Pilots and passengers. Depending on your Licence and level of training, our aircraft are certified to fly at Night, in Instrument Conditions (clouds) and can carry many more passengers. RAAus aircraft in comparison are limited to 1 Pilot and 1 Passenger, Day VFR flying only.

Where can my (commercial) pilots licence take me?

Due to our high standard of training, our previous CPL (commercial licence) students have taken many different professional pathways in the aviation industry. Here are just some of them:
- Skydiving pilot
- Outback charter/scenic bush pilot

- Commercial Airlines (Qantas, Virgin, REX, Cobham, AirNZ, Cathay Pacific etc.)
- Royal Flying Doctor Service pilot
- Cropdusting/firebombing pilot
- Royal Australian Air Force pilot
- Flight Instructor
- Helicopter pilot


I want to become a helicopter pilot, where can I do that?

Unfortunately we don't directly train in helicopter aircraft, only in fixed wing. Fortunately the majority of helicopter pilots begin their training in fixed wing aircraft in order to learn the basics of navigation, radio and general procedures before transitioning to a rotary aircraft (helicopter). The advantage of this is you can learn skills that are required for both disciplines in the much cheaper fixed wing aircraft before transitioning and learning to fly the helicopter. Thanks to CASA's hour dispensation for pilots converting from a fixed wing licence to a rotary wing licence, you can potentially finish the training with both a fixed and rotary licence for a similar cost to doing it all in the rotary! 

Do you have accommodation available?

Yes! We have an air-conditioned house on the airfield with all amenities and linen supplied, available to students for $60/night. This price includes use of a courtesy car (Toyota Hilux) for trips into town.

What's your ARN?

Command Flight Training's Aviation Reference Number (ARN) is 814137.

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