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MPPC flight training Adelaide



MPPC pilot training adelaide

This endorsement trains pilots in the use of variable pitch propeller systems, also known as a Constant Speed Unit (CSU).


The difference between having a fixed-pitch propeller or a CSU-controlled propeller is akin to having either a single speed bicycle or a mountain bike. An aircraft fitted with a variable-pitch propeller is more efficient with better overall performance in all stages of flight.


This endorsement is also an essential part of the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) training syllabus as the CPL flight test must be conducted in an aircraft fitted with a variable pitch propeller.


The training typically takes approximately 1-2 hours (depending on student ability) in either our Cessna 172RG or Piper PA32 Lance and can be done in conjunction with the Retractable Undercarriage endorsement.

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