Night flying brings with it a whole new dimension of challenges and rewards. This rating will teach pilots the specific considerations and requirements of planning for and conducting night time operations. 


The Training Syllabus Consists of:

  • Aircraft Handling

  • Visual Navigation

  • Radio Navaid/GPS Navigation

Requirements For The Issue Of A Night Visual Flight Rules Rating:

  • Hold a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) or Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

  • Minimum of 10 hours flight time at night 

  • Minimum of 1 hour night solo circuits 

  • Minimum of 5 hours cross-country flight time at night (this time must be split over 2 separate flights, each of which must include at least one landing at an aerodrome, other than the aerodrome from which the flight began, that is remote from extensive ground lighting).

  • Pass the NVFR Rating flight test